About Us

Safe Ride Twin Cities LLC provides transportation services across Minneapolis – Saint Paul with long distance rides available throughout Minnesota

Our primary objective is to assist clients, caseworkers, and their loved ones with simple and convenient scheduling for medical appointments and running errands while providing safe and friendly transportation
alternatives. We provide services just like a traditional taxi or cab service with the ability to accept payment from MA, Medicare, Ucare, Blue Cross, and private pay.

Our Promise and Commitment – Dependable, Safe, and Comfortable Transportation Using Safe Ride Twin Cities LLC

Our company hires friendly drivers that have been cleared through the Department of Health Services. Each driver has been fingerprinted and their background check must exceed DHS standards. We also require our drivers to attend STS
training and defensive driving courses before being allowed on the road.

Our promise of safety and convenience while on the road is met with STS certifications through the State of Minnesota as well as being a local CERT recognized small business. This means each vehicle is inspected annually as well as
being available for inspection at any time by MnDOT.

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