Special Transportation – Wheelchair, Walker, Stretcher

For clients in wheelchairs we provide vans equipped with a loading ramp and locking straps to secure the chair. Our drivers are experienced in creating a stress free environment and arrive on time so you will never have to worry about being late or having to give the driver directions. We are much more experienced in transporting clients with disabilities than your traditional cab company.

For walkers we can escort the client into the vehicle or put down the ramp to enter and exit. Depending on the situation we always have the proper equipment and training.

Stretcher Transport – Our service varies and we can accommodate you no matter how difficult the situation may appear. The stretcher van is equipped with a stair chair so we can move the client up and down stairs with ease. One of our drivers will come with a helper on all stretcher transports and have all the proper training as an Emergency Medical Technician. If you have any special requests be sure to write detailed notes or call us during the scheduling.

We look forward to your next appointment, for Questions or Special Requests; Call (651) 352-2130 or Make a Request Online