Safe Ride Twin Cities LLC provides services for clients with disabilities, the elderly, and their families. Caring, friendly, and DHS approved drivers so we can meet the special needs of our clients.

Common Carrier Transportation

  • Caters to all clients who do not need ramps and stretchers to get to their appointments. We accept all major credit cards along with other payment options like Paypal for clients that don’t have insurance coverage.

Specialized Transportation or SMV

  • Meeting the needs of patients with mobility-limitations and employing mobility devices to get to their destinations in a sitting or supine position. Wheelchair accessible vans are available 24/7 even on holidays.

Group Shuttles For Nursing Homes and Day Care Facilities

  • Our most recent addition to the company has been to provide shuttles to and from grocery stores, shopping, and entertainment. We work with other companies to meet the demand for transportation in groups – saving the customers money and allowing them to run errands together.

Other Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

  • caters to patients requiring life support services
  • caters to patients required to be in a supine position
  • patients who cannot be transported in some other carriers options due to medical conditions

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